Our Music

We are BEYOND Lucky & Grateful to Bring This Music to You!

Jason Roark & Jen Bernard are the dynamic duo behind our various iterations of the Power Dog’s Adventures in Dogland Theme Song! Jason also composes other original music for our show, performs some amazing old classics in bodily functions, at our request, and is our Editor, Sound Engineer, and Advisor. Jen had a wonderful band with her sister Wendy, and they put out an album of kids’ hits that get us up and dancing every time we press play!

Mo Phillips, featured at the end of our very first episode, is a wonderful Portland, Ore. musician, fun-time artist, and dad. He writes and records songs, makes oddball videos, produces choose-your-own-adventure musicals,  all in Mo-Fi. Mo-Fi is a way of making art centered on joy and exploration, primarily of inexpensive apps that do silly stuff.  https://www.mophillips.com/

Red Yarn (aka Andy Furgeson) is a Texas-born, Oregon-based family performer who weaves folksongs and puppetry into high-energy shows for all ages. With his engaging performances, lush folk-rock recordings, and playful music videos, this red-bearded bard reinvigorates American folklore for younger generations. https://redyarnproductions.com/

Murphy & Marckx created another, very special theme song for the show with Hank. Not only are they expert old time musicians, but they are also Hank’s Granny & Gramps. Listen on Spotify

Porlolo is a true labor of love, with good friends finding peace and party times through musical connection. Formed in Denver in 2002 by the eccentric and prolific Erin Roberts, Porlolo has been a highly collaborative project. Roberts—a self-defined sister, swimmer and stunt artist—is a powerful songwriting force, cranking out grungy, sometimes twangy, often pure pop hits. Over her last 15 years of deliberate wandering through Denver, Gunnison, Eugene and most recently Fort Collins, Roberts draws inspiration from the dramatic landscapes and even more dramatic personalities. https://porlolo.com/

Pointed Man Band is the family-based music of Dan Elliott. A multi-instrumentalist, dreamer, and performer. Having started as a homegrown, nap-time inspired recording project, the music of Pointed Man Band has since become a part of a larger and ever-expanding genre.  Together with friends Eric, Vinny, Kay, and Kevin, we record and perform original music and lyrics that seek to reflect and are inspired by the curiosities and complexities in this world. Music and wonder that both parents and children alike can enjoy with their family and friends. https://pointedmanband.com/

The children’s musician known as Katie Ha Ha Ha (that’s 3 Ha’s) has been making music with kids in New York City since 2009. She released her first album of kids songs in 2016, entitled, “These Things Go Together,” and she just released a new single in the spring of 2020, called “Lilou and Cody.” It’s a simple bop about a little girl and her dog, and the happy vibes of carefree summer days. The lyrics are relatable for anyone who loves summer and/or friendship, and could easily become your family’s favorite new summer anthem. You can find her at www.katiehahaha.com

Jen & Wendy Bernard are super fun sisters, and they put out a wonderful children’s CD you can find here: https://www.discogs.com/Jen-Wendy-Bernard-I-Dare-You/release/14799137 We cannot stop dancing every time we play this album!

Melanie Dill crafted two of the world’s most perfect children’s musical albums ever created. Alphabet Parade and Rainbow Lemonade flow across genres, gliding magically in and out of tunes strung together with friends and  kids’ voices and Dill’s sweet, jazzy voice. We’ve not been able to get her songs out of our heads, and for once, we do not mind a bit! 

Olivia and Charlotte of the Sempre Sisters take cello and fiddle to the next level with their moving renditions from across all genres as well as their original songs and classical mainstays. This Seattle area duo has been featured on NPR’s From the Top, Strings Magazine, and Classical KING FM 98.1, as well as at the Northwest Folklife Festival. They have received national and international acclaim, including being named a 2019 $50,000 Davidson  “Enormous Talent” Fellowship recipient and winning the 2018 Stulberg International String Competition Gold Medal and Bach Prize (Charlotte), as well as advancing to the semifinals at the 2015 Johansen International Competition and winning a prize at the 2016 YoungArts National Arts Competition (Olivia). They were grand prize winners of the KING FM Young Artists Awards and have performed with the Seattle Chamber Music Society and the Orcas Island Chamber Music Festival. The sisters have soloed with several orchestras, including the Seattle Symphony, and have also performed with Time for Three, Charles Yang, and Pink Martini (Charlotte) and Mark and Maggie O’Connor (Olivia). They are currently in college at the prestigious Colburn Conservatory of Music in Los Angeles. Can you tell we are proud of these cousins of ours? A side note, their ingenious mashup and strings interpretation of Beat It/Tonight is beyond moving!

Lilli and Brad of PBJams are based in New York City and have worked on Broadway and on national and international tours. Sometimes together! They have lots of family and friends in California and try to spend as much time on both coasts as possible. PBJams was inspired by impromptu living room concerts and kitchen dance parties as requested by the “littles” in their lives. Be sure to follow them on social media for their fun, live concerts as well as to find out when they drop new songs!

We sometimes use https://freesfx.co.uk/Default.aspx to source super fun sound effects and fantastic noises, and cannot recommend it enough!